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Did Anyone Else Notice A Theme On The Telly This Morning?

Yesterday, Lisa Wilkinson loaded an Instagram post showcasing an article written by the Daily Mail, seemingly shaming her for wearing the same floral blouse twice in four months.

This may have been a rookie error, given Karl Stefanovic made massive headlines for wearing the same suit every day for a year to make a point about the difference expectations and focuses between men and women in the work place.

Now, it seems Lisa and her TODAY colleagues are again stepping up to make a statement.

The day after posting the article to her Instagram profile, Lisa opted to rock the SAME floral Sheike blouse a day later.

She was applauded for hitting back with such creativity.


What NOBODY expected was for Sonia Kruger to start her Mornings shift wearing the very same blouse that Lisa had come off air wearing. What did they do, meet up in the halls, high five and strip to swap clothes?

David Campbell even got in on the fun…

#twinning #9today #sheikeandco

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No matter how it went down, I sense this could be the start of another Amber Sherlock #jacketgate situation.

Stay tuned to the 6 o’clock news tonight everyone…

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