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Someone Very Familiar Is Looking To Become The New Bondi Vet

She was the cooking partner of Ash Brannan on My Kitchen Rules earlier this year but.. was voted out first.

However, it isn’t stopping Bek Outred from chasing television fame, with the 22-year-old revealing she has applied to replace Dr Chris Brown on the Network Ten show Bondi Vet.


Bek, who works as a vet, is vying for the presenting role after production company WTFN started a national search following Chris Brown quitting the show.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that Bek took to Instagram trying to get her followers to vote for her ut she has since deleted the post.

'If I become the next Bondi Vet I will personally come to each and every one of your houses and give you a homemade cake ... but seriously, bribing aside — it would mean the world,' Bek said in the post.

The final decision as to who replaces Chris Brown will be made based on a public vote.

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