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Siege Survivor Marcia Mikhael “I thought about killing myself"

Lindt Cafe Siege survivor, Marcia Mikhael has opened up in an interview with the SUN, 3 months after the tragedy that changed her life. 

After surviving 17-hours of terror, being held up by gunman Man Horan Monis she was left physically and emotionally damaged.

She told the SUN, "I have nightmares and flashbacks. I don't trust people anymore." 

"‘I’m terrified of being in public and everywhere I go I’m looking around for danger.

"I’ve had two surgeries in each leg and had over 200 small pieces of shrapnel removed and I still require at least one more surgery in each leg."

However the terror wasn't over after the Siege. Marcia has explained how social media made her contemplate suicide. Misrepresentation from some media outlets made her out to be a hero. But then an article published on January 15th said that Marcia was demanding a 6-figure sum for an interview, an incorrect statement. 

‘‘I went from being a victim and a hero to a villain, police basher,’’ Mrs Mikhael said.

‘‘When all the bullying started I actually thought about killing myself.

Now, she is trying to make a horrible ordeal into something positive. She has decided to donate a portion of the payment received from her television interview as well as the full amount received from a magazine interview to Lifeline. 

 "Before the siege, before all the bullying, I couldn’t comprehend how someone could feel so low they would consider killing themselves.

‘"AND for someone as strong as I am to want to die ... that’s when I understood how people can get to that state.

"Right now I’m going to focus on helping people who don’t have the means or the know-how to seek help.’’

Lifeline has a 24-hour crisis support line to assist in suicide prevention. 

Helpline: 131114

Source: SUN 

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