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Shay Mitchell Watching Her Old PLL Audition Tape Is TOO Cute

If you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan, no doubt you love you some Emily.

She’s the cutest, you have to admit.

She’s smart and sweet and sporty - and has a sense of innocence about her that the others just don’t have.

Well, almost nine years on from the launch of the show, Emily - or Shay Mitchell - which is her real name, is a lot older, and not the shy little girl she once was.

She’s just started a new Youtube channel, and though she launched with a make-up video, she said she couldn’t put off uploading a video of her watching her old PLL audition tape any longer - it seems it’s the video everyone wanted to see.

I have to say, after watching it, I’m SO glad she did this.

She may be older, but she’s still the sweet girl she always was…

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