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Shane Warne Has A Brand New Look And It's Just Well, Bad

Australian sports legend Shane Warne has revealed his new look..

A beautiful beard.

On Thursday, after deciding not to shave for a few days, the 47-year-old flaunted the new look in all its glory.

Shane debuted the new look at a cricket match in London and posted about it on Instagram and gained a response from a shocked Elizabeth Hurley.

'Good god - a beard????,' the British actress wrote below his Instagram post.

Shane’s 18-year-old son Jackson also took to the post saying '#Akermanis,' referring to ex-Australian football star Jason Akermanis.

Shane’s 695,000 Instagram followers were not too nee either saying 'The beard's gotta go mate,'  with another saying 'Have a shave you filthy animal.'

What do you make of it?

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