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Seven Year Switch's Cass Has Made A Devastating Revelation

Just last month it was reported that Seven Year Switch’s Cass and Ryan Thistleton had ended their six-year-relationship in a display of raw honesty.

And now the brave mum of four has shared her feelings and emotions in the wake of her breakup.

Family ❤️

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Posting to Instagram, the mother admitted that ‘’'I wish I never had kids'.

'cried on the phone to @ryan_thistleton this morning and told him that I wished I never had kids,' she wrote.

'I don't know if it's the rain or a severe case of Mondayitis butttt the minis have driven me to the edge! Right now I'm hanging by a lifeline. At this point when I finally escape to the gym tonight there's a high possibility I might get lost on my way home.

'It takes a lot to make me cry but today has been too much. I haven't had a day like this since Mena was a newborn. I try my best to stay positive but everyone has their limits. Being pulled in every direction by two unsettled little humans who need you when you only have two arms is incredibly challenging, and at one point I escaped to the toilet and locked the door for 2 minutes while I got my head together.

Her beauty shines from deep within ✨ . . For those who read my post a while back regarding her anxiety I just wanted to update you all on how she is going. . . I'm so pleased to share that her anxiety has improved exceptionally 🙏 over the last 6 months I have been taking Ramani to see a Child Psychologist to work through her emotions, feelings, life transitions and how to manage her anxiety levels from day to day. She is a different girl, she is the girl I use to know... confident, charismatic, outgoing and a little sassy. She cares less about what people think and has become less of a follower and more independent. Last year I couldn't drop her to school without some level of an anxiety attack. She was having days off at least every week as she was making herself sick with worry. Fast forward to week 5 of a new year and so far not one day off and only on two occasions has she shown hesitation with going to school. I can't keep her inside anymore as all she wants to do is play with friends, she's shown interest in stepping outside of her boundaries and trying new things like inter school Girls Rugby League 💪🏼. It's such an amazing feeling as a Mumma to see your children thriving and battling through life's hardships head on. So Proud 😘 . . The thing is with anxiety it's something that never goes away. It takes consistent work to be able to manage these feelings every day. I strongly recommend giving your child the opportunity to speak with a professional who can assist them with understanding their thoughts, feelings etc. they learn tools there that will be used for the rest of their lives and will better prepare them for puberty and adolescence. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help on your parenting journey. And by being the most supportive, caring and understanding Parent is not only the ONLY way but it is the key to helping them through 😉 . . So proud of my babe, we've set some great goals for leadership positions at school next year, to give her focus and something positive to work towards. . . #anxiety #hope #childhood #children #parenting #positiveparenting #confidence #charisma #tween #ramanilee #10years #yr5 #love #strength

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'For now I'll ride the day out.. but tomorrow can't come fast enough.'

Cass and Ryan appeared on the show last year, where they looked to repair their relationship and while successful at first, they decided to split last month.

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