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Serena Williams Reveals She Almost Died Giving Birth

Tennis pro Serena Williams has revealed in an interview with Vogue Magazine, how close she came to death during the birth of her now five-month-old daughter, Alexis.

During the interview, Williams revealed she suffered two months of health complications after Alexis’ birth, and required any emergency caesarean and had multiple surgeries to remove blood clots from her lungs.

The 36-year-old confessed she needed the caesarean when Alexis’ heart rate dropped dangerously low. Williams said although the surgery was a success, what followed was a life-threatening week in hospital with pulmonary embolism, which meant multiple surgeries.

“That was an amazing feeling,” Williams recalled of having her newborn laid on her chest. “And then everything went bad.”

The symptoms for Williams’ problems began the day after Alexis’ birth, where she experienced a sudden shortness of breath and other medical issues.

Williams also revealed she has a history of blood clots, and had to go off her usual medication for the caesarean section.

She noticed the problem and demanded doctors give her a CT scan and blood-thinner medication, according to Vogue.

The mother and daughter duo were back home a week later but the new mother was unable to get out of bed for six weeks.

“I was happy to change diapers,” her husband Alexis Ohanian told Vogue.

“But on top of everything she was going through, the feeling of not being able to help made it even harder. Consider for a moment that your body is one of the greatest things on this planet, and you’re trapped in it.”

Source: The New Daily

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