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Selena Gomez Just Dropped A MAJOR Bombshell

Don’t you love it when your favourite celeb dishes up a delicious, juicy tidbit?

Well that’s precisely what happened to fans of Selena Gomez recently when she took part in a ‘Vogue 73 Questions’.

During the opening questions, the narrator asked, ‘What do you think you’ll be doing this time next year?’

She answered, ‘I think I’ll be doing a lot of travelling’ and winked as she walked off.

You know what this means, don’t you, Selenators?

It means she plans to TRAVEL because she’ll be TOURING! Well, we guess, anyway.

It makes sense after she released new song “It Ain’t Me” recently, with a new album sure to follow.

The video is set in Selena’s ‘home’, which is currently the Airbnb in the San Fernando valley north of Los Angeles where she currently lives. Wait until you see the spa on the DECK, ya’ll.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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