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Selena Gomez Has Made A Heartbreaking Confession

She shot to fame with her breakout role on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place.

And while it seems that Selena Gomez has the Disney Channel to thank for her highly successful career that ensued, the Good For You singer has made a heartbreaking confession, revealing she was bullied while working for the production company.

“I think he understood that I knew what it meant to be bullied,” the 24-year-old Spring Breakers star, who has lupus and has struggled with depression and anxiety, told NY Times. “I went to the biggest high school in the world, which is the Disney Channel. And my mom had a lot of history dealing with [bullying]. I heard her stories growing up. She’s very open about it.”

“When I was growing up, I was always bullied because I was the outsider, the weird girl with the purple hair and combat boots,” added Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey. “Then I was a teen mum. You get really judged. I had counsellors telling me how I’d ruined my life, [Selena’s] life and how I ruined the father’s life, even though he participated.”

Wow! Heavy stuff.

The mother-daughter duo got candid about their difficult pasts while promoting the new Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why.

Selena convinced author Jay Asher to let her and her mum option the rights to his book when she was 15 and she’s now executive producer on the project.

Thirteen Reasons Why follows the story of a high school student who takes her life, leaving behind cassette tapes explaining which 13 people drove her to suicide.

“Once I left my series [and] started to go for roles that weren’t that age range, it organically began to become a project that I knew I would be behind the scenes with,” she said. “I actually like that I’m not in it. To be honest, this book has such a huge following. I wanted it to be credible. If I’m a part of it, that’s going to cause a whole other conversation.”

Good on you Sel for turning your hardship into something inspiring for others.

Source: ET

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