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Scar Jo's New Movie Makes "The Hangover" Look Boring AF

Alright, first things first: Literally the only thing Rough Night has in common with The Hangover is that involves a pre-wedding night of debauchery and a metric ton of alcohol.

The new flick, which stars Scarlett Johansson and SNL's legendary Hillary Clinton impersonator Kate McKinnon, follows five uni friends who hook up 10 years later for Scar Jo's hen do in Miami.

After some hard clubbing - and plenty of drunk-girl-squealing "Why don't we do this more often!" at each other - the fivesome hit upon the idea of hiring a stripper - and promptly murder him.

Add plenty of cocaine, a couple of boner jokes and some classic physical comedy and it looks like we'll be guaranteed some serious lols when the movie hits cinemas mid-June.

Check out the full trailer above, call your girls and book in a cinema date, quicksticks.

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