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Sam Armytage Had A Fiery Exchange With A Guest This Morning

Samantha Armytage has never been one to hide her opinions and this morning was no different.

Along with co-host Kochie, Sam was left exasperated after interviewing a Sydney mum who was booked by police for driving too slowly.

In a Facebook post that went viral, Lena Kasparian let rip, claiming she wasn’t doing anything against the law.

“There’s absolutely no sign telling me that I have to take over or I have to drive in the right lane,” she said in the video rant.

“Absolutely disgusting behaviour by police in NSW, I’m going to report him.”

However, Lena was about to be bitterly disappointed if she expected any support from the Sunrise hosts.


“It is a basic road rule that if you want to go slower than the speed zone you go in the left hand – everybody knows this,” she explained in exasperation.

“It’s a basic rule you need to pass your driving license.”

With Lena quick to defend her side of the argument, Sam gave her very blunt assessment of the situation.

“I drive a lot and I find people who drive slowly in the right hand lane cause more impatience for drivers than people who speed,” she said.

“It’s actually quite dangerous.”

Who are you with on this argument? Watch the exchange for yourself above!

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