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SACKED ABC Newsreader Natasha Exelby Joins KIIS

Yesterday news quickly spread that ABC2 newsreader had made quite the on-air gaffe after footage emerged of her caught off guard coming back from a break during a live telecast.

She quite obviously didn’t realise the cameras were rolling; it was funny, everyone laughed.


Image - Natasha Exelby.

Everyone but her bosses.

The follow up to that surprised many; her bosses had decided to let her go as a result.

The decision has been called a MASSIVE over-reaction and the vast majority of people are in support of Natasha Exelby - including us here at KIIS.

Which is why we’ve offered Natasha a job here with us as a guest KIIS newsreader while Kyle and Jackie O are on holidays.

ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell welcomed Natasha to the KIIS 1065 news team.

“We are excited to have someone with Natasha’s expertise join our newsroom at KIIS 1065," Duncan said. "Not only is she a seasoned journalist, but the way she has handled the unexpected attention and public scrutiny following her ‘blooper’ this week shows Natasha has poise under pressure and, most importantly, a sense of humour so I am sure she will feel at home with the KIIS team."

Natasha will be heard from next Monday between 6am-8.30am on KIIS for one week replacing Brooklyn who is also off on holidays for the week.

Welcome to the team, Natasha!

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