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Richard Wilkin’s Just Gave An AWKWARD Anniversary Thanks

Well that escalated quickly...

Richard Wilkins has been at Channel Nine for THREE DECADES.

The Today Show shared a special tribute to him this morning, honouring his career which left the 62-year-old quite the emotional. 

“I want to thank all the wonderful producers over the years, and executive producers at the Today show and the various other projects I've worked on,” he said.

While that's all very well and good, but the awkies moment came when "Dickie” thanked his management for the following:

“[To the Management] who've kept me in good jobs, kept me doing stuff, put my kids through great schools, the ex-wives have all got nice houses...” he said.

Dickie's co-hosts Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, Sylvia jeffreys and Tim Gilbert, exploded into laughter at the desk...

“Someone had to say it!”, Dickie then exclaimed...

Someone indeed.

Congrats on 30 years Dickie!

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