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RHOS Star Lisa Oldfield Reveals Some Heatbreaking News

Lisa Oldfield has revealed her mother is so appalled by her appearance on the Real Housewives of Sydney she’s no longer speaking to her.

The fan favourite took to Instagram to share the heart-breaking news writing: ‘My heart is broken in to a million pieces.’ 

'My #mother who is my #inspiration and great #love isn't speaking to me after #rhos,' she wrote. 


Lisa’s no-holds-bar attitude got her into a lot of trouble on the show, constantly clashing with fellow housewives' Krissy Marsh and Victoria Rees.

The housewife ended her post by telling fans: 'Ladies if you're approached to do an #invasive #reality show, don't do it, the #emotional cost is horrific.' 

It’s prompted fears the popular cast member won’t be back for a second series. Please day it ain't so! 

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