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Anastasia Can FINALLY Be Recognised As A Disney Princess

Have you heard? There's a rumour in St Petersburg....that Anastasia is FINALLY going to have her coronation and be crowned a true DISNEY PRINCESS!

*Cue the excitement*


Most children would remember that moment of utter disappointment when you found that that the classic film Anastasia, with arguably some of the best animated musical songs ever, was NOT actually part of the Disney franchise and therefore Anja was not technically a Disney princess.

But in some FANTASTIC news to come from the recent merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox, Anastasia along with a number of other fictional women who didn't quite make it into the royal Disney category will finally be recognised as Disney princesses!

And it turns out, we're not the only people who are just a teency bit excited by this news.

So that's our big news for the day. Anastasia has taken her rightful place on the throne as a Disney Princess and all is finally right in the world once again!

Thanks for dropping a casual $68 billion (AUD) on our friends over at 21st Century fox, Disney to make this happen!

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