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Pink Just Said What Every Sleep Deprived Mother Is Thinking.

Pink has done it again, proving why she’s truly loved by all. The new mum has struck a cord with sleep deprived parents all over the world, sharing a snap on Instagram of the mum of two taking a sneaky nap.

The rare moment of shut-eye, shows Pink’s gorgeous two-month-old son Jameson Moon Hart resting on her chest.

“Oh my god I’m so tired my soul has a headache but I’m so okay with it so whatever I’m just gonna take this little catnap real quick wake me up in ten seconds,” she captioned the photo.

Fans were quick to show the rockstar their support.

“Right there with ya, mama!… I miss sleep but I love this little human so much!” one wrote.

“Thanks for keeping it real, new mums sometimes struggle and think it’s only them that feel that way. We are all in the same boat.”

There's not much, not to love about her.

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