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Photos Have Leaked Of Who Sophie Monk Chooses Tonight

This happens almost every time, doesn’t it?

Just as we’re hours out from the juicy Bach finale, some pap goes and gets crafty with his camera, and scores a tell tale pic of the winning couple.

Well, the same has happened again this year, my friends - only, we won’t be spoiling it for you - but that’s not to say other media outlets won’t.

We STRONGLY suggest you stay off social media tonight, for that reason - of course, you can rest easy knowing the KIIS page will be safe.

So, we won’t tell you who’s in the pics, but we will describe the pics to you.

Sophie is seen in the hallway of a hotel embracing the lucky man, standing closing, placing her head at the base of his neck. Some they’re smiling at each other, others they’re looking silent, loved-up, and quite frankly emotional to have reached the end of this chapter.

Can’t WAIT to see how it all unfolds tonight…

NB: Of course this could be all a set up from Sophie to trick the media that decide to publish the pics, you know Soph, she does LOVE a prank...

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