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Pete Evans Slammed By Health Experts Over His New Comments

Pete Evans was interviewed on Channel Seven's Sunday Night and has caused some controversy with reputable medical experts after some comments he made.

Pete was asked about his diet, the Paleo diet, during the interview, and has now been seen as putting his fan's health at risk.

The Australian Medical Association tweeted "Pete Evans putting his fan's health at risk with extreme advice on diet, fluoride, calcium. Celebrity chef shouldn't dabble in medicine."

Pete also talked about his thoughts when it comes to medical qualifications, saying that they weren't necessary.

"Why do you have to study something that is outdated, that is industry backed that is biased, that is not getting the results?"

"That would be insane to study something that would waste your time with, that's just crazy!"

Pete Evans also made claims stating that the Paleo diet could reverse Type 2 diabetes.

"This way of eating reverses Type 2 diabetes. And guess how quickly it takes? Six to eight weeks. Maybe three months."

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