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Perez Hilton Posts Tearful Video Revealing Chronic Addiction

Perez Hilton has uploaded a new video to his Youtube account today, looking dishevelled and sobbing throughout, the celebrity commentator has revealed he is addicted to social media.

Hilton builds up his announcement, using words like ‘addict’ and describing how much his anxiety about his issue is affecting his life and his friends and family.

He reveals to the viewers that there are some parts he can’t talk about, but will explain everything he can discuss on screen.

It’s then that Hilton reveals he is severely, chronically and sincerely addicted to social media, in a negative way.

Sobbing to the camera, he looks crippled as he describes the fact many of friends don’t believe him, and he’s scared of the addiction, and what it means to stop, if at all possible, because it is his livelihood. He also revealed he is a ‘workaholic’, which also adds to his intense anxiety.

He revealed he will be making changes in his life to do more with his kids and not let his anxiety take over his life.

We wish Perez all the best and hope he can overcome his anxiety and addiction.

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