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Perez Hilton Literally Said Kylie Should Have An Abortion

News of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy has taken everyone by surprise, but no-one more it seems, than Perez Hilton.

Hilton, who has a famously frosty relationship with the Kardashian/Jenners, especially ‘Momager’ Kris Jenner, thought it appropriate to take to Youtube and upload a video of his views on the news.

Basically, he said if he was Kylie’s mum, he would have told her to get an abortion. The internet lost their minds - and Hilton received A LOT of hate.

Like, A LOT.

So he took to Youtube to upload ANOTHER video, where he attempted to clear up his comments.

It didn’t really work.

He said ‘I didn’t tell her to get an abortion… I wouldn’t do that, I’m not her father or her mother…’ drawing out his words carefully.

‘I said if I was her mother, I would have told her to get an abortion in July, when she found out.

‘I would tell my own daughter that, if she fell pregnant under similar circumstances…’ and then he listed them; ‘her age, not a stable relationship, her just being totally UNFIT to be pregnant… IN MY OPINION.’

WOAH. It’s just too much, isn’t it?


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