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People Think They Have Proof Pennywise The Clown Is Gay

I don't know about everybody else, but this is probably the last thing that I would be thinking about after watching the latest horror movie 'IT' (my focus would be on more pressing issues like how on earth I'm going to sleep for the next month...).

But apparently some people on twitter (with possibly too much time on their hands) have been asking one question since the release of the Stephen King remake, and that is, 'is Pennywise the clown gay?'.

Apparently it all began when a different but still terrifying horror film, 'The Babadook' was listed under the LGBT section on Netflix. And even though this was said to be a mistake the LGBT community warmly welcomed the antagonist from the film.

And despite the fact that there is no mention of his sexuality in the movie (he's too busy terrorising children and stuff) it now seems that people have added Pennywise as an LGBT ally.

Well who knows, they might be right. A sequel to 'IT' is due to be released in the future, but we reaaaalllly don't think they'll be turning this into romance film. Penny has already terrified far too many people to change the tone of his stories now!

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