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OMG Rowan Atkinson Is Returning For The Love Actually Reboot

In all of the excitement of the Love Actually reboot we completely missed the return of one of our favourites. 

Rowan Atkinson has been spotted on set as filming continues and we're so excited. 

In case it had slipped your mind, Rowan played the overzealous shop assistant in the first installment - you may recall the gift wrapping scene complete with cellophane, flower petals, ribbons and a cinnamon stick.

"Ready in the flashest of flashes."

The scene is with Alan Rickman (may he rest in peace) as his character attempts to buy a necklace for his younger secretary, while his wife shops nearby. 

The reprise is part of the Red Nose Day charity appeal in the UK. 

We can't imagine how you could gift wrap a red nose? 

So excited to see how it all turns out! 

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