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Netflix Shared 5 MAJOR Clues About ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2

The WORST part of watching a good TV show is seeing it through to the end, falling into it hook, line and sinker, and then having to wait what seems like a million years for season two to be released.

That is exactly what’s happening with me and ’13 Reasons Why’ right now. I just CAN’T settle down about it.


I NEED to know what’s going to happen to Clay and Jess - and BRYCE! And frankly it seems unfair that we have to wait SO dang long for answers.

Luckily, Netflix understands our trouble, and has released five MAJOR clues about season two, and it’s juicy, fresh information for us to mull over until season two hits.

Just LOOK at the juicy tweet we got! It sounds like Hannah will still be hugely important to the story (and still involved in it), the point of view will shift so that we see things from the perspective of the other students.

Next, we get a clue as to who might take over as the season’s major character.

Apparently, the new season will focus a lot on Jessica Davis’ attempts to return to a normal life after finding out she was raped by Bryce.

But the BIGGEST thing? The tapes are done, but there’s still going to be a new narrator.

So who’s it going to be!?

Four names being thrown around are Jessica (due to her big part of the story in season two), Clay (the obvious choice), Alex Standall (if he survives attempting to take his own life), or Tyler Down (who everyone believes is planning a school shooting, which could be the focal point of season two).


What do you think?!

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