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My Kitchen Rules Judge Manu Feildel Loses His Cool

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel is known as one of the most friendly celebrities around.

But on Sunday nights episode, he lost it this seasons ‘villains’ Josh and Austin after they took four-and-a-half hours to deliver their main course.

The homeschooled brothers served chicken lollipops and garlic mashed potato for their main but their chicken was raw and their mash was said to be ‘watery’.

Manu said 'I'm so, so disappointed right now.’

'You've been sitting around this table, treating people like... telling them their food's terrible, and you're not even capable of coming back with the goods.'

The 45-year-old chef then slammed Austin for making a confused facial expression.

He said ‘’Don’t look at me like this’’ before Austin questioned him back, saying Well I don't know if I can respond, that's just my facial reaction.'

He continued: 'We never said we were amazing cooks, so it's a little annoying that you question our integrity about critiquing food when all you guys have asked for is honesty.'

Manu was then clearly still unimpressed and responded  'Well let me be honest with you. The mash is boiled potatoes with raw garlic and maybe 10mls of cream in there, no seasoning whatsoever.

'This is RIDICULOUS, and I've never expressed myself like this in ten years.'

The brothers have now been left at the bottom of the leader board, which means they will have to compete against Karito and Ian in an elimination round.

My Kitchen Rules will continue on Channel Seven on Monday at 7 pm.

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