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Meet The New MKR Contestants

It was a slow start for MKR Group 2 on Sunday night. 

Kicking off the second round of instant restaurants was Cantonese-Australian brothers Albert and Dave from Epping, NSW.

Though their decor was impressive, most of the food failed to hit the mark.


The pair served up a tradition chinese menu - Eight Treasures Fortune Bags with Scallops, Hainan Chicken and Hong Kong Egg Tart.


Perhaps swayed by judge, Pete Evans health conscious presence, the pair decided to swap the crispy, golden wrapper of a Money Bag with a cold omelette wrapper. 


The result was, predictably, awful and scored the boys a three from Manu and a four from Pete.

After a disappointing main of Hainan Chicken, the boys served up "to die-for" Hong Kong Egg Tart, where they scored a nine from each of the judges. 

They finished the night with a score of 60 and while they were disappointed with their entree and main, the boys reckon their dessert made their mother, who inspires them to cook, proud. 


Perhaps more interesting than the food on Sunday night was the opportunity to meet Group 2 of the competition. 


Alongside brother Albert and Dave (and from L to R) we meet: 

Josh & Amy, passionate seafood lovers from WA. 

Kelsey & Amanda, loud sisters also from NSW.

Alyse & Matt, ambitious newlyweds from QLD. 

Della & Tully, adorable foodie friends from QLD.

And, Court & Duncan, the married hipsters from Victoria. 

Welcome to the competition, gang. 

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