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Michelle From ‘SYS’ Said She Was ‘Tricked’ By Producers

Former Seven Year Switch contestant Michelle Guest has slammed the program claiming the was tricked into appearing on the reality show.

Speaking to Mamamia, Michelle revealed she and her partner Jason believed they would stay together during filming and had no idea they’d live with another partner.

'We didn't know we'd be partner swapping. We thought we might be going away together... maybe counselling sessions together,' she said. 

'It wasn't until a little bit later in the process we realised we weren't actually going to be together for some of it,' she added.

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She claims producers even told her it wasn’t going to be a reality TV show and she only found out the name of the program when it first went to air. 

According to the couple, they were told the show would be called ‘Relationship Rescue’ and would help them work on their marriage.

In this season’s Seven Year Switch couples were hit with the surprise they would be marrying their experimental partner on the show… ala Married At First Sight.

Viewers seem to be over the concept with the show pulling a dismissal 618,000 metro viewers on Easter Sunday.  


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