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Meet The Man Runaway Bride Lauren From MAFS Ran To

Married At First Sight’s runaway bride has ran into the arms of a new man already!

Lauren made headlines after she ditched her new husband Andrew right in the middle of her first night of wedded bliss.

While her story is about to be told on the show, photos posted by the single mum on social media have suggested she’s already way past Andrew and onto a new man.

One snap was posted on her Facebook in December and is clearly taken in the airport with the caption “When your boyfriend randomly decides to book a last minute trip,”


Other snaps show Lauren cuddled up with Jake, enjoying holidays together and heaps of dinners.

One of the photos is titled ‘The Brady Bunch’, which suggests Jake already has a family of his own.


Earlier in the week, a source told New Idea that the single mum had returned to a man named Jake following the show, she is alleged to have met him a few weeks before the show started to film.

“She is blissfully happy with him — he is a lovely guy, very settled and really looks after her,” the friend told the publication.


Married At First Sight airs on Channel 9.

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