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Matty J Has Been Confirmed As The New Bachelor

It’s finally been confirmed that Matty J is this year’s new Bachelor Australia and he has SLAMMED Georgia Love ahead of finding love.

Matty, who appeared on last year's Bachelorette, has said that he had no communication from Georgia before or after her decision to reject him on national television.

He said that the perk of the show is 'You get to know someone and it's just about your connection - sex can overshadow getting to know someone,'

'Without question, the most exciting part is the chance to meet the girl I'm going to spend the rest of my life with,' Matty said about his new role,’’ Matty continued.

Thankfully, Matty said that he wouldn't want to put any contestants through the pain that he went through.

He said 'It would have been great if I just got a text and it would have been like, "cool, she's picked Lee,"

What is Matty looking for? He wants somebody positive and wants them to be confident and kind, so he should find someone on the show pretty easily!

The Bachelor is coming to Ten later in the year.

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