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MAFS Sharon And Nick Have Revealed The Cutest Thing!

There weren’t many actual love stories on Married At First Sight, but Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy have now confirmed they have undertaken another joint of commitment together.

The couple has now revealed to Nine Now that they have inked their bodies with ‘matching tattoos.’

Only last week the couple announced that Sharon plans to move to Melbourne to live with Nick to help support him during his father's illness.

Sharon told the website that they had matching designs made while they were in New Zealand.

'We won’t say where or what but yeah we got matching tattoos,' Sharon explained.

The bride then claimed it was a dare that she aimed at Nick but when he said 'well I'll do it if you do it' she caved.

They both laughed as they agreed 'it was pretty funny.' 

During the chat, Sharon also seemed to confirm June will be when she'll move to be with Nick: 'I'm committed until the end of May in Perth.' 

What a cute couple!

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