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MAFS Nadia Has Revealed A Devastating Secret

She is the stunning brunette who is known on the show for having an amazing body.

But Nadia Stamp has revealed that when she started in the modelling world, she had an unhealthy relationship with food.

The flight attendant has revealed that she has suffered from bulimia since she was 18 years old.

 'I remember struggling with my weight, and I suffered from bulimia from the age of 18 to 21. I didn't tell anyone about it at the time,' the 36-year-old told WHO magazine. 

She then revealed that she would go to castings and people would say she was ‘too fat.'

'It was all about being anorexic-looking, and I ditched modelling for a while. I was sick of being treated like a bimbo.' The part-time model said. 

Nadia has now returned to modelling and is also mentoring younger girls about approaching their modelling in a healthier manner.

Her relationship with Anthony has been a series of ups and downs, with Nadia slamming Anthony for his treatment of Cheryl saying 'It was awful to see that the guy I was committed to and married to was dishing it out.'

We will find out if Nadia and Anthony stay together for one final time, on this Sunday’s episode of Married At First Sight.

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