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Married At First Sight's Deborah SLAMMED By Viewers

It was one of the most bizarre meltdowns we have ever seen on TV, and it occurred on last night’s Married At First Sight.

If you haven’t met bride Deborah,53, then you will need to know she married John, a father of two from Melbourne and it’s all a bit much for her.

First things first, she started the weird rant by storming off in tears, saying the reality had given her nothing she had hoped for, as her husband wasn’t Polynesian.

Speaking of her wedding ceremony, she said 'Why did we have to do that Polynesian theme if there was no Polynesian?'

All they had to do was put an ad out, and they would have got them - interviewed about 100 of them and they would have found one.

'I got nothing I wanted. I got orange cake. It wasn't even gluten free. Everyone knows what I wanted.'

Fans of the show were very quick to jump down at Deborah and support John over the bizarre moment, with one saying 'I'm starting to realise now why Deb has been single all this time... Not by choice,'

'Deb lived alone with a dog and was a spinster for a reason. We are now finding out why' another commented. 

Deb and John married last week in a beachside ceremony, with the bride making a dramatic entrance on a throne carried by some Polynesian men.

But when she got down from her throne, she was not happy as she had clearly requested a Polynesian man and in an on-camera interview admitting that ‘I didn’t know whether he was my husband or not,’ she said.

‘I was expecting a Polynesian person from the Islands, and so I was a bit taken back that it wasn’t that.’

It could be all over the couple very soon by the looks of it!

Married at First Sight continues tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30 PM.

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