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MAFS Anthony SHOCK Revelation To Wife Nadia

It’s between Anthony and Cheryl for the villain of Married At First Sight but after last nights episode, it looks like Anthony is truly ahead.

The racing broadcaster ended up fighting with his wife Nadia a number of times during their home visit in Brisbane and even questioned her career ambitions.

However, last night during a dinner on her apartment rooftop, Anthony got very agitated and claimed the couple were not as physical as he had hoped they would be.

'We've had problems with intimacy,' he told producers.

The issue came to head at dinner, when Nadia’s friends started discussing past relationships she had been in.

'It's not that I don't have option, I have options,' she said, referring to why she was on the show. 'But do I want to settle down with a 25-year-old? Not really.' 

'Do I want to wake up in two years with them leaving because they're not ready to commit? Guys will tell you anything they want to get what they want.'

Anthony then blamed Nadia for her relationships, saying 'You went for the wrong blokes, that's your error,' he said. '[But] we don't need to talk about that because you're married to me, I don't need to know your history.'

The then once again went on to mention the couples ‘intimacy’ problems telling producers 'I don't really need to hear that stuff,' he told the camera.

'In terms of romance and intimacy with Nadia, she's not comfortable with certain things. But from the sounds of it, she's had guys in the past and she had no issues with them.'

Tensions appear to boil over during Sunday’s show, with Anthony saying 'For lack of a better word, you've been frigid,' he tells his wife during the commitment ceremony.

Married At First Sight continues on Sunday night at 7PM on Channel Nine.

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