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MAFS Alene And Simon Have Just Made A MASSIVE Announcement!

They have become the fan favourites on Married At First Sight and Alene and Simon have now revealed their plans to start a family.

And they want twins!

Alene, 31, has told Woman’s Day 'We're going to call them Valerie and Damien!' During the chat, Simon joked 'Don't you mean Damo and Val?’ before they laughed off the nicknames.

Alene said she wants twins because 'I'd rather struggle with one pregnancy than having two in five years, and I know Simon will be a great dad.'

The couple has also revealed that they have plans for a legal wedding, which will take place in Queensland, where Simon live.

Alene is also trialling a move to Queensland from Sydney to be with her man because she can’t go long without missing his ‘scent’.
Alene and Simon recently renewed their vows on the show and chose to remain together. 'What an incredible and crazy journey we have been on together,' Alene said in part of her vows. 

'The first time I laid eyes on you, I got scared and panicked, and worry crept in until I reached you and we held hands.

'Your energy was grounding, and you were so comforting, all my worries drifted away, and I knew that even if you were not the one, I was safe going off into this experiment with you. 'It was that moment I realised there was more to you than meets the eye, and my eyes were now open. The experts saw something in both of us that we clearly couldn’t. That we have a lot more in common than we ever could have imagined,' she said, saying she wants a future with him. 

What a couple!

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