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Married At First Sight Has Left Everyone Shocked

They are the one couple that everyone in Australia thought were going to stay together.

But Married At First Sight’s Sean and Susan have decided to call it a day… as a couple.

However, even though they have split, they have decided to remain in the competition and be ‘friends’ despite their strong feelings for each other.

During Sunday Night’s episode, the farmer and truck driver told the relationship experts about their decision during the commitment ceremony.

The split comes off the back of Susan visiting Sean’s home in regional Queensland and her inability to fit in there.

'I felt a little uncomfortable with the fact that it was so isolated,' the 34-year-old explained.  'If I moved there, I don't feel I could have any of my life the way I know it now.'

Sean is unable to leave this home near Ipswich as he has family in the area, and Susan said she does not want to leave everything she has in Perth to live in a remote area.

Despite the decision, the couple were very emotional for each other, with Susan saying 'I feel like you are my soulmate, and we can be in each other's lives, but not have one person give up everything that is their happiness,' Susan told her husband. 

'I feel disappointed,' Sean said of the decision. 'I love the person who she is.'

However, both Sean and Susan decided to stay in the experiment, not being able to bear leaving each other just yet.

'I couldn't bring myself to say leave,' Susan explained.

'I want to spend all the remaining time I can with him.'

Will they get back together? We will find out tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel Nine.

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