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Australia Reacts To Jessika’s Dinner Party Behaviour

It’s barely been a week since we saw the resident villain for this season of Married At First Sight, Ines Basic, leave the show following the blow up of her secret affair with Sam.

And so it was only a matter of time before a new villain was crowned. But we’ve got to say, damn the producers move quick!

While the dust from Ines and Sam’s affair has barely settled, it looks like we’ve already got ANOTHER affair to keep our eyes on. Or at least that’s the case if Jessika Power has anything to do with it.

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⚰️⚰️😅 Ladies and gentleman, welcome, take your seats and please enjoy the show 😏 #MAFS

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While the blonde beauty is currently married to true blue Aussie bloke Mick on the show, last night’s dinner party saw her go on the prowl and therefore resulted in her being crowned the new villain of the show.

Not only did Jessika move in on Cyrell’s husband Nic, telling him that she had developed feelings for him, (Brave girl…Did she not see what happens when you get cyclone Cyrell mad?) but after he rejected her she then moved in on intruder Dan.

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Nic shuts Jess down. #MAFS

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She was very obviously flirting with Dan, even undoing the top of her dress at one point, but she even went as far as to do so in front of EVERYBODY, including her husband Mick and Dan’s wife Tamara.

And of course, Australia has some serious feelings about it.

While some of us took our frustration out by yelling at the TV screen, others have taken to Twitter to express their anger at Jess. And let’s just say while they may be harsh, they’re also the most entertaining thing ever.

Have a little peruse for yourself below! (And be warned, they're a little explicit...)

We can’t wait to see what happens at the commitment ceremony on Sunday! It’s being advertised as the most shocking one yet!

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