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MAFS 2019: Australia reacts to "horrid", "ice-queen" Ines

They warned us she might come across as “abrasive” but Australia was hardly prepared for the whirlwind that was Ines in Married At First Sight on Monday night.

The 28-year-old legal assistant from Queensland marched up to the alter with a look of hate in her eye, where ex-stripper Bronson awkwardly introduced himself as her new husband.

Her first words to him were “Hi Bronson, can we get rid of your eyebrow ring please.”

This was after she had told Australia on her way to the ceremony that “I hope he looks at me and thinks ‘wow I would totally root her’.” Then announcing “I feel, like, horny,” minutes before she walked down the aisle.

On her way down the aisle though, she spots that eyebrow ring.

“When he smiles, I first wanted to punch him in the jaw. I don’t know why. It was just my instincts,” she says.

“I’m getting a very … inbred vibe.

“I don’t know anyone with an eyebrow ring, except for lesbians who work at McDonald’s drive-thrus.”


Following the vows she still decided to lay in on the first kiss with an authoritative tongue that tried to find its way to Bronson’s throat as he clambered for air.

And if we thought we’d seen her at her best/worst by then we were severely mistaken. During the wedding photo shoot, her new husband revealed he had a former life as a stripper.

“The fact he was a stripper — that is purely disgusting to me. That’s like me saying, yesterday I was a heroin addict and today I’m not,” she tells the cameras.

“This is pure bottom of the barrel. This is mortifying, it’s purely disgusting.”

Bronson tried to be diplomatic as she hissed at his face, telling her he liked the way she says what she’s thinking. He never has to wonder.

Weirdly, there were tears still to come as Ines and Bronson discussed their upbringing. Bronson had lost multiple family members while Ines shared her tough start to life, fleeing the war in Bosnia during the 90s.

That sentiment didn’t last however with Ines sending Bronson to the couch on their first night together and questioning his choice of onesie.

Australia seemed almost entirely offside with the new ‘ice-queen’, taking to social media to express their disgust.

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