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Maggie Beer Chokes On Masterchef Contestant's Food

Maggie Beer's spice tolerance was put to the test during last night's episode of Masterchef. 

During the two-part elimination challenge, the contestants were tasked with creating a dish that celebrated the herbs of the 'MasterChef' garden.

Contestant Tati presented the judges with her specialty dish - grilled rice with prawn curry wrapped in banana and turmeric leaves.

Unsurprisingly, the judges were massive fans of the flavoursome dish, but there was one thing celebrity chef Maggie Beer wasn't quite expecting. 

It was at this moment that the season 11 contestant burned the mouth off of one of South Australia's food icons. 

"I know she cooks with chilli but not as much as I do so I have to be very careful so I don't go through to round two," Tati said.

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The culinary figure turned away from the dish midway through eating it, saying: "I'm just having some of the rice!"

After composing herself, Maggie declared her love for the dish until she got caught up by the spices. 

"The chilli hits and sort of overtakes me but the prawn was just right," she said.

Tati's dish wasn't the only food that was a bit too much for Maggie, with Christina's turmeric mussels and flatbread also getting the best of her. 

If we were in Maggie's position, we'd react the exact same way! 

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