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MAFS Davina GROPES Dean Under The Table

Oh heeeeeell no! This is too much...

They've already been texting each other behind their "spouses" backs and now Davina Rankin and Dean Wells have agreed to engage in a "secret" romance.

On a preview for tonight's episode, Davina and Dean sneak off from the dinner party to enjoy some steamy alone time.

Their partners search for them while they lock lips, hug with complete disregard for EVERYONE around them. Including us.

Clearly (and uncomfortably) their chemistry is electric and they know it.

"In the outside world you would be the type of guy I go for 100 per cent if I saw you in a bar I would go up and talk to you," Davina said.

"Stop flattering me - actually don't stop," Dean said and then Davina replied: "Don't stop rubbing my leg!"



Most awkward of all is the fact at while De-Vina (we've named them) were getting cosy, Tracey was having a d'n'm with Gabrielle about how her relationship with Dean had improved.

Cannot deal. Or wait until tonight.

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