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MAF'S Boys Only Night Gets Creepy

This was NEVER going to end well...

Things between the MAF's blokes took an ugly turn when over a few beers talk eventually turned to their brides and how they were all getting along.

After initially looking happy to catch up away from their brides, things soon got weird as the booze kicked in...

Telv spoke about his issues with Sarah before Dean started giving him advice, which is pretty rich considering he has already two-timed Tracey with his infamous fling with Davina.

As if that wasn't already deluded behavior from Dean, he then started dropping hints to see if anyone was interested in swapping wives.

Dean, you are on the WRONG show mate! 

Justin is fresh out of dumpsville and is of course totally onboard, saying he's “more attracted to girls like Ash”.

Troy doesn't poo-poo the idea but is also trying to hook up with Ashley’s mum, so he’s not too bothered.

If things weren't already getting creepy enough Dean then drops this bombshell.

“I’ll be honest, at the beginning, I was into Carly,”

“Judging solely on her appearance.”

This prompted Justin to say that, “Carly’s running around telling everyone she wants Dean as well. That’s no secret,” .

Dean replies, “I have, at times, felt a vibe from Carly.”

Justin then dropped another clanger: “Yeah, she fancies Dean and Troy.”

Understandably Patrick says this conversation is making him feel uncomfortable before Dean jokingly asks if any of the guys wants to bang Tracey, before trying to organize a wife swap between Troy and Justin.

Patrick then that he’ll be telling his wife everything that was said, and to be honest, if this bloke's catch-up wasn't filmed, we don't think we'd believe half the things that were said!

It's fair to say things are about to get REALLY interesting when the wives find out!

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