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Lisa Wilkinson Shamed For ‘Disgraceful' Today Show Mistake

When Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit for an ENTIRE YEAR, nobody noticed until he finally said something.

But when his Today Show co-host Lisa Wilkinson worse the same blouse twice in four months… well that’s a different matter.

After making headlines on The Daily Mail for her apparent ‘thrifty’ ways, Lisa has hit back.

“I am soooo busted!! Seems I've been seen hosting a breakfast TV show in the same blouse "with a strategic cutout above the bust" just four months apart,” she joked on Instagram.

“Like, personally, I'd sack me!!”

Adding to the sass, she hashtagged the screenshot #disgracefulhussy #shame #allhellhasbrokenloose #someonegetmeajacket.

But Lisa got the last laugh, choosing  to wear the shirt on air again today as a pointed move to the Daily Mail.


While Lisa isn’t the first woman, nor will she be the last, to be shamed for the apparent faux pas, she certainly knows how to call out the ridiculousness of it all.

Personally, we’d like to see her wear it every day for the next year in protest.

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