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Lisa Oldfield Reveals Details Of Horrific Sexual Assault

Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield has been brave enough to open up about an ordeal that has seriously affected her life since it happened just over a year ago; a sexual assault in the back of a taxi.

Just like many women before her, Lisa Oldfield got into a taxi after a client’s Christmas party at around 5pm and fell asleep in the back seat. She woke to find that the taxi had pulled over to the side of the road and the driver was on top of her.

'He was groping my breasts, he had pulled the whole top of my dress down so my breasts were exposed,' she says of the brutal attack.

'He was ripping at me and it was so violent he tore my rotator cuff. I was covered in scratch and bite marks and bruises,' she told the Wentworth Courier.

'He has destroyed the woman I was. I have become a victim, not the strong brave fearless Lisa I was before the attack.’

Lisa managed to convince the man to remove himself from her and drive her the rest of the way home.

When she got home, her husband David immediately called the police, but because the driver hadn’t logged into the system they struggled to find him at first.

Although an identification was eventually made, Lisa chose not to face her attacker in court as she feared it was 'her word against his'.

Lisa has been left so traumatised by the incident, the paper reports, that she 'vomits constantly'.

The attack hasn’t only affected Lisa physically, it’s also jeopardised her 16-year marriage, which she describes as 'sexless' after the assault, and has led to her and David considering a divorce.

This week, David spoke to The Sunday Telegraph and revealed that the last time he even slept in the same bed with Lisa was 18-months ago.

During the latest episode of the show, Lisa shared her pain of feeling like a failure.

'At the end of the day we both want the same thing, which is a happy marriage back on track and two happy little boys.'

'I feel like I'm a failure as a mother and a wife,' 'There doesn't feel like there's any love or support there, and I feel very lonely.'

Source: Daily Mail

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