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Kris Smith Reveals EVERYTHING About Dannii Minogue

He may have said that he rekindle a romance with an ex-girlfriend but before his eviction on Thursday night, he revealed how he was the one to walk out on his relationship with Dannii Minogue.

The male-model said that the decision 'absolutely ripped my heart out,’’ and went on to describe life with Dannii and her sister Kylie as just being ‘normal people that love their family time, love a home-cooked meal, want to sit down in the trackies and watch trash TV' before later identifying Maddy King as the ex-girlfriend with whom he is having 'conversations'.  

In another jungle radio segment, the 38-year-old revealed to his campmates how he and Danny met, saying she spotted him dancing and called him over.

The 38-year-old former English rugby player told his celebrity camp mates that the chance encounter changed his life.

He said 'They dragged me on the dance floor, and I'm telling you I have some of the best moves.

'I ripped the dance floor up, and I turn around and see a woman, she's in the VIP area,' Kris said. 'She's looking at me, and I go, "Oh, nice."'

The model was then approached by a heavily tattooed man and thought he was about to be taken outside for a fight before the guard said He said, "What's your name?" I asked why. He said, "Dannii wants to meet you."

'[now] she's the mother of my child,' Kris quipped.

Kris went on to say that he and Dannii were inseparable from that moment, spending every day together while on holiday and Dannii even told him " I want you to stay a few more days." 

'I said, "I'd love to. I can't afford it", Kris told his I'm A Celebrity campers. 

'I told mates I was on holiday with. A mate, Steve, came up [with] an envelope, a birthday card. 

'He'd bought me a new ticket home and enough to stay there. Without him, none of that [relationship and child] happens.'

Moving on to how the four-year relationship was, he said 'It was great but very surreal to see the circle that they live in. But when they're in the home environment they're just like everybody else,' Kris explained.

'Just normal people that love their family time, love a home-cooked meal, want to sit down in the trackies and watch trash TV.'

Kris was evicted from the show last night, but I’m A Celebrity continues on Sunday night on Ten.

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