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Kris Jenner Legit Had Her Earlobes Cut Off And We’re Freaked

We all know that Kris Jenner can seem a little, well… unstable at times. There’s the whole Corey Gamble romance, which seemed odd, let’s be honest... and then there was her obsession with getting a full face lift.

There’s definitely never a dull moment. So now, there’s something else Kris has gone and done that made her family give her looks like this: She’s chopped off her earlobes. Seriously. Apparently Kris has always had a bugbear with her earlobes.

The size of them, and how low they hang.

When Kris told her kids about her distain for her lobes, Khloe and Kim attempted to come up with helpful solutions, like wearing a beanie… or a turban.


However, Kris revealed that she's "not a beanie kind of girl," but Kris decides there's nothing for it but earlobe surgery - because, she ‘can’t afford for her diamonds to get any bigger’.

A-ha! It seems her trademark diamond studs were a clever shield she used to disguise her low-hanging lobes.

As the goal was ‘cute little ears’, Kris and Kim hopped down to Dr Jason’s office, who told her fixing her big lobes was a cinch; you just have to slice out a wedge of the offending lobe, stitch the two halves back together, and boom!



Kris ended the episode by showing off some big dangly earrings she was wearing to Khloe; "If you had short hair like me, you would understand the journey."

Oh Kris, we understand all too well.

Source: E! News and Cosmopolitan

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