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Kevin Spacey Is Being Edited Out Of An Entire Movie

Director Ridley Scott has decided to recast Kevin Spacey’s role in the upcoming film, All the Money in the World, in what has been called an “unprecedented move”. 

It is believed the director made the call himself as he did not want his movie tarnished by the recent sexual assault allegations being made against the 58-year-old actor. 

The recasting has caused quite a stir due to the fact the movie has already finished filming! 

Spacey will be replaced with Christopher Plummer and it has been reported that co-stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg have agreed to return to set and reshoot the scenes that originally stared Spacey.

The news came just hours after Spacey’s Baby Driver co-star, Jon Bernthal, revealed the actor was a “bully” on set. 

Scott is hoping that the release date for the film will remain as scheduled.

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