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Keira Throws Bratty Tantrum Refuses To Do ‘Dunny Duty’

Keira Maguire, of Bachelor fame, has been in the jungle all of, what, a few days?

Already, she’s annoying the HECK out of her jungle camp mates.

Firstly, she had an epic meltdown following a challenge that saw her dunk her face in hot sauce.

Crouched over, crying over the pain, she accused hosts Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown, as well as the on-site medic of ‘not caring’ about her struggle.

Now, she’s got camp mates shaking their heads and rolling their eyes as she flat out refuses to do ‘dunny duty’ during her stay in the jungle.

Cut to a clip of Tziporah explaining to Keira about how “uncross” emptying the ‘long and short drop’, aka the number one and number two pots, is.

“No way, not gonna happen,” Keira says as she walks away from the group.

Lisa Curry then cuts to screen. “If Keira’s going to shit in it, then she shouldn’t expect other people to do it for her.”

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