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Katy Perry Just Hurled A ZINGER At Justin Bieber At The VMAs

She’s been doing well with her hosting duties at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, albeit a few jokes that didn’t get laughs - but there was a particular zinger hurled at Justin Bieber that the people just loved.

Katy took to stage with a fake baby that she joked was her her social media accessory… before being joined on stage by DJ Khaled and his baby, who he made an executive producer on his latest album.

While Katy describing her new ‘baby’, she hurled this at the Biebs, ‘My baby knows all the words to Despacito… unlike another baby I know.’

OUCH, Katy.

Obviously referencing Bieber’s inability to remember the words to Despacito while he was out at a club shortly after the song’s release…


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