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Packer's Ex Kate Fischer Pens Unusual Open Letter To Mariah

James Packer's former fiancee Kate Fischer has written an open letter to Mariah Carey outlining how she could win back the billionaire's heart.

Packer and Carey recently split up, after Packer allegedly dumped the pop star over “her new reality tv show and extravagant spending”.

Kate Fischer, now formally known as Tziporah Malkah, has penned a letter to 'Dear Mariah' that was published in this week's edition of New Idea

"I’m sorry you’ve hit a rough patch with James." she starts. 

“Here’s a tip, Mariah,” she writes. “If you want to get him back and he’s having a sulk, just wait a few days and get in touch.”


(Packer and Carey during happier times, Image: Getty) 

"Like me, you fell for 
James’ wit, charm and lively personality. My advice to you is, if you really want him back, play the game, let him make the key decisions and you may well live happily ever after
as Mariah Carey Packer."

Malkah outlines her own early courtship with Packer and says that the true reason she and Packer split was because an endless array of hangers-on in their life meant she struggled to have one-on-one time with her partner during their time together.


(Former couple Packer and Fischer in 1998, Image: SMH)

“You probably know what I’m talking about, Mariah. Whenever I saw pictures of you with James on that good old floating palace, the Arctic P, there were umpteen people around you.”

Malkah ends her letter by saying that, while she herself could “never be happy being Mrs Packer,” she wished Carey “good luck.”

Source: / New Idea

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