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Karl Stefanovic's Shock Admission

He’s one of Australia’s biggest TV stars, but this morning, viewers were left questioning Karl Stefanovic.

The presenter, surprisingly, announced his support for US President Donald Trump.

On a panel segment of the Today show, Stefanovic said 'He just keeps winning though, doesn't he?'

While his co-host Lisa Wilkinson expressed her concerns about the effects Trump was having on the stock market, Karl said that it was 'only when he's in trouble'.

'And by the way, since the election, do you know how big the stock market is up?' he asked her.

When he was asked directly if he supports Trump, Karl said 'I'm pro anything that creates an air of excitement'.

In February, following Trump's inauguration, Karl said 'I think Donald will make the world a much more interesting place. 'I don't know if it'll be better, but more interesting,'

Let’s see how this all pays out for Karl.

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