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Karl Stefanovic SLAMS Married At First Sights Anthony

Karl Stefanovic has pretty much captured the feelings of Married At First Sight fans when he ripped into Anthony Manton on the Today Show yesterday.

The TV presenter asked the 33-year-old’s on screen ‘wife’ Nadia Stamp to explain why the race caller isn’t the complete ’t***er’ that he comes across as on the show.

Even though she has been called ‘frigid’ and accused of having a ‘lack of direction’ by Anthony, Nadia has still defended the man she entered the experiment with.

She said: 'He's got his qualities. Sometimes he's very brash and says outspoken things - it's a bit of a foot-in-mouth thing going on. He also does know that he's said it and he'll say, "Oh, I said something stupid again".' 

While she offered kind words about her show husband, the flight attendant was not giving away whether the couple stayed together after the show had finished filming.

Anthony caused a stir at the final commitment ceremony on Sunday night by refusing to move into her Brisbane home.

With Anthony’s stance causing Nadia to move to Sydney, she remains unsure whether she wanted to stay with Anthony before she opted to ‘stay’ in the competition.

She said: 'I'm not going to move for less than love and I've made a mistake in the past, and that's really important to me that I'm sure about how I feel about Anthony before I make that kind of commitment.' 

Will they stay together forever? Married At First Sight continues on Channel 9 on Sunday at 7 PM.

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