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Kimmel Just Embarrassed Meryl Streep In Front Of EVERYONE

The 89th annual Academy Awards, or the Oscars, as we know them, kicked off only a few hours ago, and already a Trump reference has made its way into the proceedings.

While honouring a ‘Hollywood Actor’ Kimmel began describing the subject of his speech as an ‘underwhelming’, ‘overrated’ actor.

Kimmel was referring of course to Trump’s Twitter attack on Streep, following her speech at the Golden Globes, which was of a highly political nature, just after Trump was elected President.

Immediately the crowd caught on to Kimmel’s humour and laughed, as Streep hid in her chair.

The Actress and her ‘mediocre’, ‘uninspiring’ work were given a standing ovation - and we all had quite the chuckle.

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